Code of the Norse Developer

The Nine Noble Virtues are a set of moral and ethical guidelines based on virtues found in the Norse culture. Those virtues were their code to live by. We built a developer code around them.

What does it mean to be a Norse Developer?

Our concept of being a Norse Developer has nothing to do with where we come from, but more importantly how we behave in our career. We compiled this code to have a written set of norms to abide to on our jobs. Being a Norse Developer is then following each and every one of the nine virtues applied to our careers.

What are the norse nine noble virtues?

According to the old norse culture, the nine noble virtues according are: Courage, Discipline, Fidelity, Honor, Hospitality, Industriousness, Perseverance, Self-Reliance, Truth. To learn more about them go to the virtues section.

Why does it exist?

Sadly, I think we all have been witness of so many examples of an unvirtuous exert of our profession at any and all professional levels. We face, on a daily basis, morally ambiguous decisions on how we approach our activities. We are tempted on each decision to take the easy way out, the most profitable approach for us even if it isn't good for our unknowing client. This code exists to be a guidance for us and help in our decisions.


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